Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Brand Spotlight: Technic Cosmetics

Technic Cosmetics is a brand I have seen many times, either on the internet or in stores, but hasn’t been a brand I have really tried before, you can usually find Technic Cosmetics in Bodycare stores and online, you can check the full range out here - link
Their aim is to offer women a range of high quality but affordable products; so their ranges include everything from colour correctors to nail polish to makeup brushes, not to mention they have their version of the famous Naked palettes. I was lovingly sent a bunch of products to try and I have been putting these to the test, read on to see my mini-reviews too.

What I was sent:
Get Gorgeous Highlighting Powder in 24ct Gold 
Colour Correcting Setting Powder in Yellow 
Mega Lash Mascara in Black 
Brow Pen in Medium Brown 
Eyeshadow Primer For Shimmery Eyeshadows 

First up, the Get Gorgeous Highlighting Powder, boy oh boy does this product mean business!! Not only does the colour actually resemble 24ct gold but the pigmentation and the long lasting finish makes this a product that will question all the high end highlighters out there! I love wearing this since this adds a bit of warmth to my skintone but with an added sparkle. This hasn't left my make-up bag yet and the cute ripple-like design sure makes this an eye-catching product too!

My base will be all kinds of perfection, thanks to the Colour Correcting Setting Powder in Yellow. I usually go for the dewy look and finish off my base with a setting spray but this is definitely a game changer. Not only does this effortlessly set your make-up but it also colour corrects it too. The yellow tone is said to correct and conceal any redness and pink undertones. It can also be used to highlight and sculpt parts of your face too! What I personally love about this product is that it can suit a variety of skintones and can be a possible dupe for the Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder.

I was so glad to be sent the Mega Lash Mascara in Black, I only go for mascaras that can give my lashes that oomph! This one beautifully separates and lifts my lashes but without any clumping. The jumbo packaging definitely matches the finish that this product gives, 2 coats and POW! Your lashes are super long and ready.

Using brow products are a must! Since having good and groomed brows can really frame your face, I was sent a Brow Pen but I was sceptical as to how it would work, I didn't really get on with brow pens before since it feels like a marker and you would essentially be drawing your brows on. This was different though. All I did was light flicks to fill in any sparse areas and it actually looked ok. I am still in the middle of using this but I will be sure to review this in more depth later on.

What a gem of a product! I am a magpie when it comes to shiny and shimmery make-up so the Eyeshadow Primer was something I definitely would of bought. I like that this eye primer has a twist to it, it's actually made for just shimmery eyeshadows and is said to really give your shimmer eyeshadows that extra depth,colour and long wearing time. I think you could even get away with wearing this alone too, just like a liquid eyeshadow. The actual primer itself contains shimmer so it would SO give your chosen eyeshadow some extra glitz.

Overall I am so impressed and happy with the products, Technic chose to send me. I cannot wait to review each item thoroughly and really put it to the test. I think my favourites out of the range has to be the eyeshadow primer and the highlighter. 

What do you think of these products?

Monday, 20 March 2017

Flutter Perfect Blush Review

It's officially the first day of Spring today and seeing the sun shining and pink blossoms on the trees has truly got me excited for Summer! In Spring I love to wear alot more pink hues and I love sporting a pink cheek and lip.
I picked up this cute Flutter blush in Superdrug and I have to admit I picked it because of the cute packaging and the lil gold hearts.
I am currently using this and boy! Does this product have good pigmentation!

Product description:
For a natural glow add a pretty flush of colour to your cheeks with this soft Flutter Blush. Complete with beautiful packaging for a cute gift idea.

The cute packaging definitely does catch your eye and the compact is very travel friendly! It's sturdy and when you open it, you'll find a mini mirror inside it too.
Once you open the compact you are greeted with the most cutest pink blusher ever! The very bubblegum pink is so pretty and has shimmery gold hearts printed on the top. I just wished the gold hearts were running through the whole blusher instead of just being on the top because once you swirl your brush on the top, the design vanishes but despite this the actual pink colour is quite stunning and shimmery too.
I was amazed at the colour pay off too, seeing as I only paid £3 for this I wasn't expecting much but just product that screams 'fun factor' and to prettify my make-up bag contents.

When I wear this, it gives my complexion that luminosity and it makes me look oh-so glowy and healthy. I am so glad I picked this up. I wasn't able to find it in Superdrug again but if you are wanting to buy one then you can do so here - link

What's your favourite Spring blush?


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Friday, 17 March 2017

DIY: Vintage Floral Nail Art

After using Renunail my nails have become much more stronger and longer, I am so happy that I can finally do some nail art and today I'll be showing you how to create this floral nail design which is as easy as 123! So here's how I painted mine!

What you'll need:
Blue nail polish
Different Pink and Red nail polishes
Green nail polish
Dotting tool/thin brushes
  1. Begin by painting your base colour, I opted for a pastel blue colour. Paint and leave to dry.
  2. Take a medium pink and paint some rough circles on each nail.
  3. Using a light pink and red polish, paint little strokes inside of the medium pink circle to add depth and to suggest petals. Adding reds and light pinks really framed and finished off the flowers
  4. Paint two small leave shapes with a green polish on each flower.
  5. Once you are happy with the flowers, seal your designs well with a topcoat to protect it.

I really hope you like it! I can't stop looking at my nails! I also cannot wait to do more nail polish reviews and nail art projects since my nails are in much better condition.

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